I'm an IT Cosmetics User (but I Really Want to Look Like a Glossier Girl)

Minimalist beauty isn't for everyone. One woman embraced a makeup routine that works for her.

DIY Berry Cheek Stain

Makeup doesn't get more natural than our ready-for-spring berry cheek stain!

How Stuff Is Made

We've come a long way since the days using coal dust and vaseline.

I Tried a Lash Lift and It Made Me Break Up With Lash Extensions

They say it's like a perm for your lashes. Have you tried a Lash Lift yet?

If you had to choose, are you an It Cosmetics girl or a Glossier girl?


More like 100 years of me trying to get my left eyeliner to match my right — and failing miserably.

9 Women on What It Felt Like to Shave Their Heads

"This is probably the truest form of myself that I've ever found."

She finally stopped to ask herself, "Why am I trying to look anything but Asian?" Read one writer's journey to love herself as a woman of color: http://bit.ly/2tzWdkU

I Tried 21 Lipsticks to See Which Look Best With My Dark Skin

We're especially loving Candy Venom and Clapback looks. Which lipstick shades are you obsessed with?

Anti-Asian Beauty: Being a darker skinned Asian really f*cked with my concept of beauty

"Confession: I tried to look anything but Asian."

Liking what we see when we look in the mirror can be a long and painful journey

The Braid Up

Whip this infinity ponytail like Beyoncé.

Photos from The Makeup Blogger's post

“The way we [approach beauty] shouldn’t be synthetic or expensive and debilitating. Instead the effort should be placed on our mental health and our feeling good as opposed to our looking good for someone else’s sexual consumption.”

This International Women's Day, we celebrate Madame Gandhi (aka Kiran Gandhi) whose song "The Future Is Female" went viral just before the 2017 Women's March.

Time of #MeToo, 2018 Oscars is Diverse and Inclusive Compared To 20 Years Ago

Disappointed in this year's Academy Awards? You would NOT have liked the 1998 Oscars.

NBC News

Frances McDormand gave us chills as she asked every woman nominated for the 90th Academy Awards to stand with her during her Oscar acceptance speech.

Gross Skincare Ingredients That Actually Make A Difference

Bee venom is supposed to help my face do what?!

Emma Stone Look Makeup Tutorial

Recreate Academy Award-winner Emma Stone's La La Land red carpet look — for those of you planning to glam it up at this year's Oscars viewing party.

Alopecia Areata Hair Loss Gave Me the Best Hair of My Life

After 17 years of hiding in shame, she's finally feeling like a total "badass".


"It's like doing a clay mask for your teeth."

Using beauty products should always be this fun.

This #SideProfileSelfie Campaign Wants You to Love Your Larger Nose

Embrace all parts (and all sides) of you!

Photos from The Makeup Blogger's post

A few highlights from the 2018 Bronner Bros International Beauty Show, a celebration of versatility of black hair and the craftsmanship of those at the top of their field.

(via The New York Times http://nyti.ms/2BSff8P)

"...with social media, it’s easy to present an image of perfection to the world, when in reality...everyone has something they are ashamed of or feel insecure about. I think we need to encourage each other to be a little more vulnerable about our flaws."


Your 2018 Coachella Ticket Box has arrived — now it's time to figure out how your hair.

Emma González On Why She Shaved Her Head

She made a Powerpoint presentation to convince her parents to let her do it. (!!!)

Long-Lasting Makeup That Will Last All Night And Tomorrow Morning

Hot and steamy can spell disaster for date makeup — but not with these hookup-friendly products. 💋

CoverGirl Featured Their First Ever Model With Vitiligo in a Stunning New Ad

“Representation is important.” We couldn’t agree more!

Are These Expensive Vegan Face Masks Worth It? An Investigation

3 plant-based face masks worth giving a sheet about.


“I’d like to dispel the myth that I’m a victim of gun violence, cause I’m a survivor of gun violence.”

The heart wants what it wants.

Perfect Curly Hair Cut Starts With Knowing Your 'Curl Code.'

Don't get another haircut until you read this!

49 Compliments We'd Rather Hear Than "You're Pretty"

It's not that there's anything wrong with "You're pretty." It's just you're so much MORE than that.

Why the Beauty Looks of "Black Panther" Are So Important

As if we needed another reason to love Black Panther.


Apply your bronzer like you're going for the gold. 🥇

Hot and steamy can spell disaster for Valentine’s Day date makeup — not with these hookup-friendly products: http://bit.ly/2BvIFcv

NYFW Makeup Trends

Flip it and reverse it! New York Fashion Week 2018 is all about the upside-down liner. Wanna give this trend a try? Celeb makeup artist Kim Do recommends using MAC Cosmetics eye kohl liners (especially the blues).

Notice anything different about this model? She's 100% CGI. Considering that more and more beauty brands are going Photoshop-free, what are your thoughts on a model that's completely fake?

We Need to Stop Judging Women for Getting Plastic Surgery

"The ultimate goal is a shift in social attitudes that would enable all women (and men) to live confidently in the bodies they come in, at all ages." Agree?


A little heart-shaped braid-spiration, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Your Perfect Nude Lipstick Is the Color of Your Nipples — But There's a Catch

Um, how am I supposed to test this at the makeup counter?

This Blogger Transformed Her Cystic Acne Into Tiny Hearts

Cute, creative and an amazing example of self-acceptance.

If You Can't Find a Foundation for Your Skin Tone, Try These Brands

A perfect match for every skin tone — and budget.


"...true beauty is being okay with who *you* are."

Ashley Graham shares powerful life lessons she wished she had learned way earlier to a crowd of teenage girls.

It's been 14 years since Janet Jackson's Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction," and it's still not right how she was blamed

Looking back at "Nipplegate" through the lens of the Time's Up movement, do you feel the incident was handled fairly?

How Selfies Are Impacting the Plastic Surgery Industry in a MAJOR Way

Social media isn't just shaping how we view others, it's shaping how we see ourselves.

Can you guess why this cover of Vogue Italia made history? Gisele Bündchen became the first model to pose for the magazine with zero makeup or hairstyling (while in her sweats!). What are your thoughts on going makeup-free?

I'm An Olympic Athlete — & Wearing Makeup During Competition Gives Me Power

"I don't use makeup to hide behind anything — I use it to make me feel powerful." — Aja L Evans, U.S. Olympic bobsledder

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